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Billsnip is a bill negotiation service that aims to reduce your recurring expenses by expertly handling negotiations with utility and service providers, saving you both time and money.


  • Expert bill negotiation for utilities and recurring services.
  • Simple process: just send a picture or scan of your bill.
  • No charge for the service if savings are not identified.
  • Specializes in negotiating a wide range of services including cable TV, internet, cell phone, and more.
  • Takes a portion of the savings as a fee only when successful in reducing bills.
  • Credits and discounts from negotiations appear on future bills.
  • Saves customers time and hassle by dealing with service providers directly.

How It Works

Billsnip streamlines the bill reduction process with a user-friendly approach. Customers simply need to send a picture or a scan of their bill to Billsnip. From there, the expert negotiators at Billsnip meticulously review the bill to uncover potential savings. They then engage directly with service providers, handling all the negotiations and time-consuming communications on the customer's behalf. If Billsnip's team successfully reduces the bill, they secure the new, lower rate, and a portion of the savings is taken as their fee. In the event that no savings are found, the service is offered free of charge, ensuring a risk-free experience for the customer.

What Customers Say

  • Josh Hogan: "Incredible results with Billsnip.com! They managed to reduce my Cox and DirecTV bills, saving me nearly $700 annually. Highly recommend their services for anyone looking to cut down on monthly expenses."
  • Mike Robertson: "Big thanks to Joey and the team at Billsnip.com! They've been instrumental in saving our company hundreds each year by skillfully negotiating our Verizon and CenturyLink bills, among others. Just like switching to Premier Choice Insurance saved us on insurance, Billsnip.com has been a game-changer for our other services."


  • Expert Negotiation Skills: Specializes in negotiating a variety of bills, including utilities and recurring services.
  • Simple Process: Users just need to send a photo or scan of their bill to initiate the service.
  • Risk-Free: No charge if no savings are identified, offering a free bill review in such cases.
  • Wide Range of Services: Capable of handling negotiations for services like cable TV, internet, cell phone service, and more.
  • Savings-Based Fee: Fees are only charged as a portion of the savings achieved, aligning Billsnip's interests with those of the customer.
  • Future Bill Benefits: Credits and discounts obtained from negotiations are applied to future bills.
  • Time-Saving: Saves customers the time and hassle of directly dealing with service providers.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Customers like Josh Hogan and Mike Robertson have reported significant annual savings.


  • Dependent on Service Providers: The ability to negotiate successfully may vary depending on the service provider's policies and willingness to offer discounts or lower rates.
  • Fee Percentage: While only charged on savings, some users might find the fee percentage (portion of the savings) to be a significant consideration.
  • Uncertainty in Savings: There's no guarantee of how much will be saved, as this depends on individual bill circumstances and negotiation outcomes.
  • Limitations in Services: While they cover a wide range, there might be some services or providers outside Billsnip's scope of negotiation.


  • What is Billsnip and How Can It Help Me?
    • Billsnip is a service focused on reducing day-to-day expenses by negotiating utility and recurring service bills. With a team experienced in personal finance-saving services, Billsnip works to identify potential savings and handle negotiations, allowing customers to focus on other important aspects of their lives.
  • What Does the Billsnip Process Involve?
    • The process is straightforward: customers send a picture or scan of their bill to Billsnip. Expert negotiators then review the bill to determine potential savings and negotiate with service providers on behalf of the customer. If no savings are found, the service is free. When savings are identified, Billsnip negotiates to secure these savings.
  • What Happens if Billsnip Can't Save Me Money?
    • If Billsnip's negotiators determine that no savings can be made on your bill, there's no further action required and no charge. You receive a free bill review in this case.
  • How Does Billing Work with Billsnip?
    • Billsnip's billing is based on the savings achieved. If they negotiate a better deal, they take a portion of the savings as their fee. Details on the fee structure can be found in their pricing section.
  • What Kind of Services Does Billsnip Negotiate?
    • Billsnip negotiates a wide range of services, including cable or satellite TV, music streaming, storage units, internet, cell phone, home security systems, satellite radio, home automation systems, and even mortgage and credit card rates.
  • How Does Billsnip's Service Impact My Future Bills?
    • Once Billsnip successfully negotiates your bill, any credits or future discounts will be reflected in your subsequent bills, ensuring you reap the benefits of their negotiations.

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