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CancelHero focuses on the cancellation of memberships and services.


  • Effective in stopping automatic payments.
  • Proactive in securing refunds for clients.
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Commitment to safe and secure service handling.
  • Availability of phone support for direct assistance.

How It Works

CancelHero streamlines the process of canceling unwanted services and memberships with a few simple steps. First, customers provide their contact information via a user-friendly form. After confirming the accuracy of their details, they pay a small convenience fee of $37. With these steps completed, CancelHero's team of specialists takes over, utilizing their expertise to effectively handle the cancellation process. This service not only saves time and hassle but also offers peace of mind with their 100% money-back guarantee in case the cancellation is unsuccessful.

What Customers Say

  • Thomas (Woodside, NY): "Impressive quick action in removing an unwanted auto-payment. Highly recommend for efficiency."
  • Elke (Sun City West, AZ): "Handled my accidental membership mess and even got me a refund. Really satisfied with their support!"
  • Glenn (West Chester, PA): "Incredible service! Did what I couldn’t, and now I’m spreading the word. Thank you, CancelHero!"


  • Stops Automatic Payments: Efficiently halts ongoing charges from memberships or services.
  • Secures Refunds: Actively works to get refunds for clients, adding to potential savings.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a complete refund of the convenience fee if the service cannot be cancelled, ensuring a risk-free experience.
  • Safe and Secure: Prioritizes the safety and security of clients' personal information throughout the cancellation process.
  • Phone Support Available: Provides direct assistance and support through phone, enhancing customer service experience.
  • Wide Range of Service Cancellations: Capable of handling various types of cancellations including complex ones like gym memberships and online subscriptions.
  • Quick Process Initiation: Starts the cancellation process within 72 hours of fee payment, demonstrating prompt service.
  • Expertise in Negotiations: Skilled in negotiating with service providers for effective cancellations.


  • Convenience Fee: Charges a $37 fee for the service, which might be a consideration for some customers.
  • Refund Not Guaranteed: While they attempt to secure refunds, success is not guaranteed and depends on the vendor’s policy.
  • Process Duration Varies: The total time for cancellation can vary depending on the service provider and complexity, leading to potential uncertainty in some cases.
  • Fee Justification Concerns: Some customers might need further clarification on how the convenience fee is justified, particularly if the cancellation process is straightforward.


  • What types of services can CancelHero help me cancel?
    • CancelHero specializes in a wide range of cancellations, from gym memberships and online subscriptions to recurring service contracts. They are particularly adept at handling services that are known for their complex cancellation processes.
  • Is there a guarantee that CancelHero will be able to cancel my service?
    • CancelHero offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If they are unable to cancel your service, they refund the convenience fee.
  • How long does the cancellation process take with CancelHero?
    • Typically, the process begins within 72 hours after the convenience fee payment. The total duration depends on the specific service provider and the complexity of the cancellation process.
  • Can CancelHero secure a refund from the service I'm canceling?
    • While CancelHero endeavors to secure refunds where possible, they cannot guarantee this in every case. Refund success may vary depending on the vendor's policy.
  • How is the $37 convenience fee justified?
    • The fee covers the service provided by CancelHero in managing the cancellation process, which often includes negotiating with service providers, handling paperwork, and following up on the cancellation status.
  • What is CancelHero's policy on privacy and data security?
    • CancelHero prioritizes client privacy and data security. They employ secure methods to handle personal information and ensure that data is protected throughout the cancellation process.

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